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    Welcome to HP Generation! We love Harry Potter and have had a love for the books and movies growing up. In 2013 we took our passion for the HP Series and turned it into a hobby by starting a Facebook fan page, HP Generation. Not long after that, we decided to create a fan based business as many of our fans shared so many awesome ideas onto our Facebook page. All of them inspired us to make those ideas into reality!

    With wands at the ready, my wife and I started our home-based business. Since then, we have grown to a larger team of wizards and witches that work simultaneously to ensure that we are always providing quality content and merchandise for our HP fans! Our team lives, breathes and eats HP every day so that we can keep our fans happy, no spells or hexes required! 3 years later, we have a large community of 150,000 plus fans, and we are  growing every day on Facebook thanks to you!  

    We pride ourselves in customer service and providing our fans with one-of-a-kind HP gear. You may contact us any time at support@hpgeneration.com for any questions you may have. We thank you all so much for your continued support! Happy shopping and thank you for being a part of HP Generation!